Well with the hour system back on the prison we have seen quadruple the activity there. It is quite exciting yes but the current interior just is not cutting it anymore. Not enough legroom or scenery to observe for neither the guards nor the prisoners. Also the current interior was never really that exciting honestly with gates around a building. Was just supposed to be something to hold them for the time being.

Not to mention the outside is a little bland and thrown together as well. Hell the entire interior/exterior needs a makeover and I'm giving you mappers of LS:RP a nice chance map out the prison in their own style. So if you're prepared then go forward! Enjoy yourself, take your time, etc etc.

On map submissions they will be reviewed by both the head of mappers( Pete ) and I.

If you are participating: these areas will be a must when working on the prison.

*Reception room.(The room you enter when you come into the prison)
*A back entrance area for the prison.
*Dressing room for guards.
*Cell area (Walk around room around the cells of course)
*At LEAST 6 cells.
*Isolation cells.
*Main Office
*1-3 side offices, no more.
*Visitors area (Visitors come to visit the prisoners)
*A main room - I'm going to make a command to change it from a cafeteria to a gym.

*The current cover we have over the prison right now is fine but if you think it could be better go ahead. I want a garden cover on the roof if interested. Don't get silly with the objects either. Make it work.
*The outside is up to you, have fun. Make a bunch of benches, turn it into an outside gym- up to you.

You have an actual object limit of 150 with the interior of the prison and if you know me well enough you know 150 objects or more makes me freak out. If the interior is well enough I'm willing to extend it to 200 objects. The limit for the exterior side of the prison is 20.

To submit your maps just simply post the map here or send the map to me and or Pete in PMs. Please include as many screenshots as possible of your work around the place inside the submissions. In your submissions you must also agree to LS:RP being able to use your work. Don't want to use anything without your word of approval.

To the lucky winner you get the following:
-Your map in the server.
-If reserved a possible chance at joining the tester and mapper team.
-Whatever shit you want that I approve of! Custom background for your profile/map topic. w/e...
-A hug...

Thanks for reading and good luck...

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