Hello! Thank you all for once again reading LS-RP.com for the latest news and information on recent events concerning the server, site, and UCP. For the last few weeks I have been working diligently on the bug tracker and suggestion system.

Over the time the bug tracker has been dropped by a total of four pages and is down to an astounding one page. The last few bugs are just tiny things that will be covered on the next few days but as of lately all the major issues have been addressed and or resolved.

Along with working on the last few bugs I will look into side saving and loading mechanisms for the server. With a side saving/loading method for the server we can be looking at a whole bunch of new features, current feature expanding, and much more without taking a toll on our current database.

This revision was mostly just a major bug fix update so don't go ingame looking for new features all over the place. There were only two features done.

One being the new trunk system which I'm sure a lot of people will enjoy. It is an update towards the /place and /takegun system that will erase all the current issues with that command and vehicles. Test it out for yourself!

The next is the new prison which I'm sure you've all been waiting for. The winner of the competition was....David Burger.

It is a perfectly sized prison with walking distance and space at the same time keeping the safety level at an all time high. I must hand it to Burger, a lot of thought obviously went into making the prison and it showed in the longrun.

Thanks to everyone else that participated. I'd love to use everyone's work on LS:RP but we don't got the object limit for all the beautiful works of art! All you mappers are great, and you never know..there can always be a new competition soon.

So enjoy the revision and be sure to use the bug tracker! It is amazingly important that people use the bug tracker rather than complaining everywhere. I can't read minds, I need the bugs submitted.

Bug Tracker: http://cp.ls-rp.com/index.php?select=bugs&get=report

Suggestions forum is open again.