That's it! The final elections are over and we have the results right here!

The election went on between Jack Stracci and Naomi Williams. And who won you say?
Can I get a drumroll please?!


The new mayor of Los Santos is....

Jack Stracci had 209 votes! Too bad Jack! But you were close!

Naomi Williams came out as the winner with 269 votes on her name.
Quite a difference between both candidates but we can now say that Naomi Williams is the new Mayor of Los Santos! Congratulations!

The election that was supposed to be the first one has changed into the final one. That means that Brad Williams has unfortunately been eliminated from the elections. The voting will start tonight and will go through to Tuesday midnight most likely. After that we'll have the final results and the winning candidate can be called the new Mayor of Los Santos!

Final elections have started. You have until midnight 30/06/2010 to vote!
Naomi Williams
Jack Stracci


Voting for the first elections will start TOMORROW.
That's 28/06/2010. You'll be able to vote just after midnight (server time) on one of three candidates. You may only use ONE character to vote. You may NOT use any alt characters to vote. After this first voting phase one candidate will have to drop out. After that only two will remain and later this week the new election will be. That one will decide who becomes the mayor of Los Santos!

See the text below for more info on the candidates.


Hello again everyone,

As you may already have noticed, the new mayoral candidates are well on their way to being elected. But there can ofcourse only be one and it's up to the community to pick their favorite candidate! Though this time the election is a bit smaller, starting out only with 3 candidates. Ofcourse the appointed time that someone remains as the mayor will be 3 months. After those 3 months they can either be re-elected as mayor or they will be replaced by a new candidate. After 6 months of mayorship the mayor -must- be replaced. Anyhow! Onto the candidates!

You may still remember Jack Stracci from the previous election? Unfortunately for him Jim Hoover received the title as mayor that time. But he's back again with an all-new manifesto and application.

Or have you seen Naomi Williams her application and manifesto yet? They both look quite promising indeed. Naomi also entered the very first elections on another character but didn't quite get to call herself mayor afterwards. Maybe she will get the chance this time?

Last but not least we have Brad Williams. Quite a newcomer.. But will he prove himself to be worthy as mayor? Opposed to the other two candidates, who already have quite a reputation, he must work hard to find his way to the top. His application and manifesto look promising!

Campaigning for the elections will start today, June 25th 2010, and will go through, as planned, through June 27th 2010. We hope that around that time the applicants will have gathered enough voters and that they have let the people know just what they're voting for.

Further information on the elections will come soon!

Good luck to all.