This is a announcement directed to IE users.

As some of you might know, I'm working on the new User Control Panel aka UCP 0.4.0a. We've been experiencing several problems with the Internet Explorer during the past months and therefore we decided to block it on the new UCP.

Most of you will probably be angry about it, because there is no block on the current Control Panel, but we've changed the whole system and some options/functions are just causing problems on IE due to the lack of a proper CSS support.

We might remove the block sooner or later, incase IE9 fixes all that problems. It's still in development and you can already test it. Let's hope the developers are doing a good job.

In the meantime I suggest you to get one of the following browsers which will be definitely supported;

Firefox || Opera || Chrome

In other news, I just wanted to mention that the development progress is going faster due to some support of krisk, who is now implementing some of the current features on the UCP. I think you'll enjoy and like the new UCP system. We've got some surprises on the new UCP, all you need is patience. On a side note; No donator will loose his namechanges/numberchanges.

PS: I temporarily removed the IE block from, so that everyone can read this newspost.