We have been receiving DDoS attacks that exceeds 1gbps, so the data center decided to shut down our server. We are looking in to a solution, but can't put any time on when we will be back. We will try to get the game server and forums back ASAP, but I suggest you find something else to do, and come back tomorrow.

Update: Our host offered us a VPS hosted in Washington D.C. We will be working throughout the night on getting LS:RP up on this VPS. Note that this is only temporary, and we will move back to the old server on the old IP address as soon as it is located in a new data center. New temporary IP will be posted on ls-rp.com once we're ready.

Update 2: We are now up on the VPS. The server is located at, or when your DNS updates; server.ls-rp.com:7777. UCP: http://tempcp.ls-rp.com

Update 3: The forums are up on http://forum.ls-rp.com. It might take 24-48 hours for the DNS to update for some