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This registration will enable you to create a global account for LSRP. You can use it to manage multiple ingame character accounts at the same time, thus enabling you to have more than one roleplaying character.
Please note that you will not be able to enter the server until you have created a character application, which you can create from your global account.

• In order to answer all questions, you'll have to read the Server rules

Are you allowed to kill anyone in sight?

What happens if you fail to follow the rules?

What do brackets (( and )) around the text mean?

Are you allowed to driver drive-by?

Are you allowed to RP a planecrash into a crowd?

Are you allowed to jump to get somewhere faster?

What is the correct method of getting admin help in game?

What should you do if you have an awesome suggestion?

If you're bored and want to deathmatch, what should you do?

How do you properly speak OOC?

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