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Hi all,

Welcome to the second day of anniversary updates. For tonight, we're rolling out a revamped toll booth system. My goal here was to provide a more seamless and fair experience, both visually and functionally. The tolls now open on one side of the road opposed to both sides as before, with an animation added for better immersion. Pricing's going to be different as well, so your casual weekend driver with a small car won't pay as much as a semi-truck. The update ... [Read more]


Originally announced to release early this year, the new prison interior was one of the most anticipated updates in quite some time. The mapping team, namely Keanu_Petrosyan have done an outstanding job in revising all facilities, cell blocks and pretty much every corner of the prison grounds. Not only do all of the rooms get a more realistic visual overhaul, completely new and uniqu ... [Read more]

Hey everyone,

Today's been a long time coming. Literally — it marks ten years since Los Santos Roleplay was first created. To put it into perspective, if LS-RP were a person, they'd be done with primary education and about to get hit by puberty.

I was not here when LS-RP first started; hell, I joined about halfway through. And that's why, before moving any further, I'd like to dedicate this paragraph to everyone that made LS-RP what it is today.

Thank you Kalcor, ... [Read more]
Hey everyone,

As mentioned in my previous post, it's about time we upgrade the hardware our server runs on. That includes a high-end, new generation CPU, fast NVMe drives and even a small bump in system memory. These should allow the server to run a tad smoother and allow us to be a little more adventurous with the features we bring in.

The new machine is ready and tested, we'll be moving the live server and website there tonight,

< ... [Read more]
Hey everyone,

I thought I'd post this update a little early as there's a few relevant topics and role appointments to cover!

Please make note that this month we will be bringing in a brand new batch of testers from our reserved candidate list. You can read more about those below. As stated previously, we look at bringing in new testers every month now so if you're interested in joining the server's staff team — don't hesitate to apply when we're accepting applications! As soon a ... [Read more]
Hey everyone,

This month is a relatively quiet one from the staff front and from me, which makes a change given my last few monthly updates! We will not be selecting any new testers to join the team this month — not every month can be filled with a new group of people. This is just one of those "in-between" months where everything is a little quieter. We will, however, be welcoming back some reinstating testers and admins, and we are still actively working on giving some of our more expe ... [Read more]

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