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Roux Enterprise is an official legal faction that aims to portray, to a certain extent, a realistic business enterprise that provides more of the legal civilian career and financial side of role-play to players. The faction is currently lead by only three people, being Musiceith, Talarum, and Malmstrom and provides a home to over 150 players throughout the multiple subsidiaries under it, curre ... [Read more]

Hey everyone,

I hope you're already enjoying or looking forward to your summer holidays depending on where you live! Unfortunately for me it's the polar opposite in Australia and I'm in the middle of a cold winter!

In my last update, I mentioned that I would be focusing on fleshing out the administration team and ensuring that we have enough administrators to help with the increased workload over the summer period. We are now diving head-first into summer and the traffic around the server is starting to show it. I am now content with the amount of administrators we have in ou ... [Read more]
Mayoral Elections Summer 2016

The first elections for the Mayor of Los Santos recently concluded, bringing Katherine Summers aka Liquicity into his first term as mayor. We were able to get a Question and Answer session with three of the four final candidates, on their journey to the polls. We wish Liquicity good luck in his new position and all the others good luck in whatever they may do next.

Q: Why did you join this mayoral election?

Katherine Summers (Liquicity): I joined this may ... [Read more]
204 | 174
Katherine Summers | Geoffrey VanGilder

190 | 130 | 106 | 83
Katherine Summers | Geoffrey VanGilder | Kathrine Licther | Francis Morrison

The votes are in and the city has chosen Katherine Summers as the next Mayor of Los Santos! This has been one of the most involved elections to date and we thank all who were involved in making it so engaging, especially the candidates who helped shape future election cycles. This year everyone played a part, from the everyday voter to the most expe ... [Read more]

A well-rounded, diverse group of individuals who handle the community's medical needs, and extinguishing those pesky fires are what drive these faction members to perform at their best. From their day-to-day activities, it's clear they deal with the everyday problems Los Santos, and the surrounding counties have to offer. The department was originally led by Marty Sweet in 2008, establishing a firm foundation for what the department has to offer today. Nowadays, the faction ... [Read more]
Hey everyone,

In this update, I will touch on my intentions for the next few months for the staff team. We are quickly approaching Summer, which is usually our busiest time of the year for player count and server interest with the Summer holidays.

It is vitally important to have a full administration team to help manage the server during this busy period, and I am working to ensure that we have a balanced staff roster. This means promoting those who have experience in the admin team and have earned a bump to the next position as well as bringing in new blood to the admin team ... [Read more]

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