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LS:RP is turning and growing at every hour of every day, where do you keep up? Right here. Here at LS:RP we've had a very hardworking staff diving into the realms of creativity and intuition to bring you, the player, never before seen features and awe-inspiring mechanics.

A dish best served fast, I've caught up with DamianC, the master-mind behind our brand new vehicle system! Mmartin, the conductor of our ever so innovative phone-system. And TomsonTom, the handsome guy who has one purpose, to keep the image of the team relatively good looking; but also the creativity to bring you a b ... [Read more]

Anastasia Vishnevska
November 2nd, 2013.

A murky day reigned over Los Santos this morning, the cast of bullet-shells tainted the side-walk in an early-morning feud. Idlewood, a home to many crimes has never seen such a culture shock as the one it received this morning. Expanding as far to East Los Santos, the murders in which took place Police say, are all tied to an ever-growing criminal organization which is now, brought to it's knees.

Speculation by Police have linked all of the men involved to a hierarchy filled with the most dominant ... [Read more]

Location: Santa Maria Beach Highway

Date & Time: November 2nd, 2013 — 21:00 (( server time ))


The Halloween Parade and Carnival has to be postponed to November 2nd, 2013 due to a horrific incident that happened in ... [Read more]
Brought to you by the Public Affairs Division, on behalf of the Los Santos Fire Department

Written by Attending Physician Femke Carnahan

Another month is over and we look back with a satisfying nod to all situations we had and we can do nothing but honour our loyal and heroic colleagues who risk their lives day by day. I would like to thank all organisers of our memorial service for our ... [Read more]
Happy October 2nd! With the summer months now over we are quickly approaching and get into the fall season and with that comes Halloween and Christmas. This summer around the server you may of noticed a shortage of staff and during the most busiest periods and for this I must say sorry. Over the past few months the staff team has lost a lot of members and with that no one has been replaced meaning other staff have needed to pick up on the workload that the server have, meaning it makes it a lot harder. Luckily this term we’ve got a high intake of new people joining us so we will be able ... [Read more]

The 9/11 Tribute starts @ 20:30 in the Graveyard by Rodeo. We'll have a parade/march to ASGH where speeches will commence. We hope for a lot of citizens to turn up for the march and (or) for the speeches.

Show your respect for the Fire fighters and Paramedics who risked their lives to save yours.

[Read more]

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