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San Andreas State Marathon
Written by Director Justin Reed

The State of San Andreas has recently announced a team effort with State officials to plan and organize the Los Santos Marathon. The Marathon will consist of a track this will be ran by anyone in the City of Los Santos or County of San Andreas. They will be selected pre-hand to the event. This event is planned to aid both the City of Los Santos and State of Sa ... [Read more]


Dear Los Santos & the surrounding area,

Unfortunately, May 16th was not a pleasant one this year like it usually is. I'm sure you're all aware that the recent storm had hit extreme measures when a Hurricane hit the City of Los Santos, and caused much disruption to the areas surrounding it. The Hurricane, known as Hurricane Jubilee, hit Los Santos at around 10PM and continued to cause destruction throughout the night, forcing many to stay indoors or head to the setup Res ... [Read more]
Six years ago Apple unveiled their revolutionary smartphone- the iPhone. Six years ago Michael Bay kicked back into the action-movie industry with his first installment to the Transformers series, while Eddie Murphey slipped right off the ball with his movie- Norbit. Six years ago, we were learning that latest dance move "Crank That Soulja Boy" while dancing Under Our Umbrellas to Rihanna. Six years ago, I had finally graduated from High School.

Six years ago it was the year 2007, which is the same year LS-RP was born. A few Norwegians came together from another server because they be ... [Read more]



    Location: Damian's Gas, Vinewood.
    Contact Numbers: 1003143, 9478
    Manager: Chris Myers

Come on down to Damian's Gas we buy and sell new ... [Read more]

San Andreas — Artists, it's time to grab your paintbrushes.

The Los Santos City Commission, partnered with the Red Point Group, is planning to launch a new and exciting project to promote art and highlight art businesses within the state of San Andreas.

Red Point Group spokesperson, Killian Marsch, announced their plan to open the first ever gallery exhibition establishment within the city of Los Santos. "Every artist deserve the credit the ... [Read more]
May 17th:
Link to Broadcast.
You're listening to LSFM, breaking news on May 17th. The rain from yesterday's hurricane has cleared up, and the weather will now be partly cloudy and foggy. Luckily, the airplane brought down yesterday was not carrying any passengers, but unfortunately both pilots died during the collision. However, rewards are being given by the authorities to those people who can find items that fell off the place and bring them to the City Hall in Pershing Square. These items will be located ar ... [Read more]

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