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It is the last week of October and with that comes October 31 whiiich is Halloween! To celebrate it we will be hosting a Halloween carnival at the Stadium area. This is just the first day, so expect tiny features here and there being added to the place as time goes on. For now the carnival will bring much need excitement.

- Update to /clothing. /clothing edit, you will be able to change the index slot and or bones of the clothing items you buy. For instance you can wear multiple hats, place a briefcase in either hands, etc etc.
-Halloween /buy area for clothing. These items will o ... [Read more]

It's that equally creepy and thrilling month of the year again- October! And for 3 years so far LS-RP has never slept on a Halloween week. Which is why we're happy to announce, for a 4th year straight, LS-RP will be hosting a carnival this time in East Beach. So keep your eyes pealed ingame for construction work.

More news about the events/features to come with it will be announced on opening carnival day.

To give you a general update on what ... [Read more]
Hi y'all, haven't really used this news post thingy yet, but lets see if you can read this eventually.

So, what I'm here to announce is something that very many in the DoC faction - and hopefully the criminal part of this server has been waiting for - a revised version of the prison.

This prison has a few key features to improve the overall RP behind bars, first of which is the correctional staff's ability to move inmates to departments and blocks that are locked off or separateed by the general population - both by IC and OOC means.

This means that the prison guards ... [Read more]
As promised last news post the furniture system is now here. You may have noticed we're kind of a few weeks, a month, off schedule for our release but we're finally here as usual. I'd also like to take this time to apologize for the long wait and uncomfortable experiences on the server recently.

I want to remind you all that LS-RP had to switch hosts due to the attacks and a few ticks and kicks comes with moving. Once again I thank everyone for holding strong throughout the issues and continue to stay rest-assured that we, the staff team, will always be on top of all the troubles unt ... [Read more]

Written by Police Officer III Samuel Underwood

Written by Riker


Summer is soon to be officially over for those in the northern hemisphere and for faction's it has been a dreammaking and heartbreaking period. Firstly, new 'Faction War: Rules of Engagement' guidelines h ... [Read more]

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