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Hey Los Santos RolePlay
With over 100,000 registered users & almost 350 applications every day we are one of the most famous SA-MP servers around!
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After an adventurous year 2011 is nothing more than a memory for us all. Just like every year of LS-RP there's been good, bad, and ugly- overall everyday we shared will be forever memorable. We thank you all for joining the server and finding a role somewhere inside the deep story we have going. 2011, you were good to us and you shall be missed.

And as 2011 exits, 2012 enters. What does this year embark for us all? What type of features will we see this year? What will be the most dramatic moment of this year? Who will win American Idol? All these questions and more, which is why we i ... [Read more]

This one is quite a big one and it's something everyone is going to really enjoy- non-donators, donators, etc etc. Consider this not only a Christmas gift but a thank you for you being you. For the faction leaders promoting fun and creative roleplay, the homeless guy adding to the atmosphere, the donators that donate as much as they can. You people do so much for this server it's so unbelieveable.

For instance over a $100 or something so dollars have been made simply off buying fighting styles recently. We at LS-RP really appreciate it and trust the money will always and forever be pu ... [Read more]

A large group of males wielding a variety of melee weaponry were taken into custody yesterday afternoon after surrendering to police following a massive law enforcement response.

The group of men were travelling east in the Jefferson area by a police officer of the Los Santos Police Department and within moments doze ... [Read more]
Legal roleplay has always been a major driving factor of LS-RP - it's been a staple of LS-RP since it was created. As of now there are six official legal factions: The Los Santos Police Department, the San Andreas Sheriff's Department, the Los Santos Fire Department, the Department of Corrections, the Los Santos City Government and the San Andreas News Network. All of them provide a unique take on legal roleplay.

Law enforcement roleplay is one of the most recognizable parts of legal roleplay. The Los Santos Police Department and the San Andreas Sheriff's Department are the two ... [Read more]
Fighting Styles and a deeper look into side-jobs! First fighting styles - Fighting styles, finally thought up something for them without making an RPG environment. Like the driving instructor system people will sign up for the job on the forum. There will be 2 sidejobs- one specifically designed for each fighting style( KungFu & Boxing Instructor )

In order to get the side-job you need to head to the In Character -> Side Jobs forum and you can sign up there. The person will have to explain just exactly w ... [Read more]
Gift #2 will be a double whammy!

First and foremost I am happy to unveil the latest design to the Los Santos city. With the amazing effort of Burger and the help of everyone in the topic here we've decorated a good chunk of Los Santos! We still got an internal client limit to abide by so don't worry we didn't go insane on Los Santos and turn it into Lag Santos.

Please be sure to contribute to the decorations in the global to ... [Read more]

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