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Legal roleplay has always been a major driving factor of LS-RP - it's been a staple of LS-RP since it was created. As of now there are six official legal factions: The Los Santos Police Department, the San Andreas Sheriff's Department, the Los Santos Fire Department, the Department of Corrections, the Los Santos City Government and the San Andreas News Network. All of them provide a unique take on legal roleplay.

Law enforcement roleplay is one of the most recognizable parts of legal roleplay. The Los Santos Police Department and the San Andreas Sheriff's Department are the two ... [Read more]

Fighting Styles and a deeper look into side-jobs! First fighting styles - Fighting styles, finally thought up something for them without making an RPG environment. Like the driving instructor system people will sign up for the job on the forum. There will be 2 sidejobs- one specifically designed for each fighting style( KungFu & Boxing Instructor )

In order to get the side-job you need to head to the In Character -> Side Jobs forum and you can sign up there. The person will have to explain just exactly w ... [Read more]
Gift #2 will be a double whammy!

First and foremost I am happy to unveil the latest design to the Los Santos city. With the amazing effort of Burger and the help of everyone in the topic here we've decorated a good chunk of Los Santos! We still got an internal client limit to abide by so don't worry we didn't go insane on Los Santos and turn it into Lag Santos.

Please be sure to contribute to the decorations in the global to ... [Read more]
After a few weeks of scripting, mapping, and extensive testing we're proud to introduce the Los Santos Mall as the brand new edition to Los Santos RolePlay! It will come equip with a new parking lot mapped in right behind it, which is equally as fancy and marvelous. If you haven't been keeping up with the mall at all then you should give it a read through here.

You can now customize your character as much as possible with the new hats, phones, tools, glasses, etc etc at your finger tips. The mall also co ... [Read more]
We have all spotted 'Meet the Staff' section in the past and have found out about various staff members interests and all sorts of general information about them. As an addition, Los Santos Roleplay Management has decided to add an extra section for normal players to introduce themselves as well, in order to get familiar with all the players and comment their profiles if desired.

In the sub-section you can find a template that has been already done for you, so you simply need to add in appropriate information about yourself that is required and you're ready to post! You're free to cha ... [Read more]
Good day, Officer! Welcome to the Los Santos Police Department's Monthly Newsletter, November Edition!

Communication is a must in any organization, and the Los Santos Police Department is no exception. Since December 2010, it has been common practice for the release of monthly editions of the MNL, or Monthly Newsletter. This idea has been in development since ... [Read more]

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