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Hey Los Santos RolePlay
With over 100,000 registered users & almost 350 applications every day we are one of the most famous SA-MP servers around!
Hey Hey FoCo TDM - server.focotdm.com:7777
Try the official FoCo Team-Deathmatch server! Click the link above.
Hey Hey Hey Hey
How to play:
- Log in to the UCP with the character you want to play (
- Click "Unblock IP" in the menu to the right.
- Wait up to 5 minutes.
- Server is now online.
- Go role play!
You will have to do this every time you want to play, as you will be automatically blocked from the server if you're not in-game for 30 minutes. If you're changing to a new character, log in to the UCP with that character and unblock yourself, or you will be blocked within 30 minutes.

Note that this is a temporary ... [Read more]

server.ls-rp.com:7777 (

Edit: Just to confirm; we are under attack again. We are looking into it, and will have a talk with the host about possible solutions, and search some logs and send out some abuse mails. I can't give you any date on when this will be over, as it seems that the attacker don't want to give up the attacks yet.

I ask everyone to have patience, as we're not giving up. Please do not contact FoCo support abou ... [Read more]
I see a few questions which is being asked over and over, and decided to make a quick Q&A:

Q: Why is LS:RP down?
A: Our servers are being
DDoS attacked. We have been receiving attacks for over 5gbps, and 2 different hosts have null routed us. This means that we need to find a way to successfully block the attacks, without paying for the $6-10,000 a month plans. Our best hope is that whoever's been attacking us will stop the ... [Read more]
Once again, we are down because of DDoS attacks.

This is the message from the host:
This was null routed due to the following:
Exceeded Bits In: 5 G (Threshold: 1.5 G)
Exceeded Packets In: 457.1 k (Threshold: 150 k)
Due to the size of the null route it will need to remain null routed until the system rechecks this in approximately 1 1/2 hours.

Update: Server is up for now. Can't guarantee that we'll be up for long, but enjoy while you can.

Update 2: There is nothing I can do about the downtime at the moment. ...
[Read more]
We have been receiving DDoS attacks that exceeds 1gbps, so the data center decided to shut down our server. We are looking in to a solution, but can't put any time on when we will be back. We will try to get the game server and forums back ASAP, but I suggest you find something else to do, and come back tomorrow.

Update: Our host offered us a VPS hosted in Washington D.C. We will be working throughout the night on getting LS:RP up on this VPS. Note that this is only temporary, and we will move back to the old server on the old IP address as soon as it is located in a new data c ...
[Read more]

Halloween, the night of ghosts, vampires, warlocks and monsters. Time to get your pumpkins ready because the LS-RP Halloween carnival is back! It’s been a while since the last one but I can assure you this time it’ll be bigger and better. We the staff team highly advise that you attend because it’ll be a night to remember.

Our last carnival was a huge success with almost every member on the server there, who thoroughly enjoyed it. We would also like to thank the L ...
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