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The National Bank of San Andreas was the scene of a pitched firefight between armed assailants and police officers earlier today in an apparent bank robbery attempt, making this the fourth bank robbery in as little as three months.

Two as of yet unidentified men, one armed with an assault rifle and the ... [Read more]

...Which only means we have things underneath our sleeves to reveal all you wonderful boys, girls, and Potatoheads! Not going to reveal too much, just the obvious. First the mall, which will be part of many new features this month. Once again, I'm not going to reveal too much but I'm working all day and night to get it all out to you this or the following week. I can't get you all iPads for Christmas, but I can promise you a joyous holiday in Los Santos.

Second, we're on Twitter now! It's going to take some time to get used to but we're steadily getting better at Tweeting, bear with u ... [Read more]

Los Santos City Hall, Pershing Square. Los Santos, SA 65002.
Thursday 29th November 2011

Hello Citizens,

    I said from the beginning that the moment I got into office I would get straight to work doing the best I could for Los Santos
... [Read more]
Changes within the rules were following;

- ROBBERY - Maximum amount of money to rob was reduced from five thousand dollars ($5000) to five hundred dollars ($500). Every other previous rule which involved robbery is still valid and must be followed.

- LOANING - If you will loan out money to a certain individual, then it's completely done on your own risk. This will not fall under the robbing nor scamming rules and you won't be refunded if you get scammed. If you feel that the other party who you're going to loan the money out to is going to break any ru ... [Read more]

In the early hours of the morning of Saturday 26th November, two opposing groups of local residents became involved in a heated stand-off opposite the Ten Green Bottles public house in Ganton. Police became aware of the disturbance and arrived on scene in force. Efforts were focused on a peaceful disbanding of the gro ... [Read more]
Revision 666 and no- no pun intended! I'm sure you've all been wondering what's been going on with the sever lately, with the rehashes, the restarts, the revision number changing randomly throughout the week, ETC! There's a reason behind all the madness and I thank you all for remaining sane and rational throughout it.

Over the past few weeks, I've began work on the database loading and saving area of the LS:RP script. It plays a gigantic part in keeping LS:RP in motion and when optimizing it's always best to tackle the huge things first and then dig out the small issues- my philosoph ... [Read more]

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