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Hey Los Santos RolePlay
With over 100,000 registered users & almost 350 applications every day we are one of the most famous SA-MP servers around!
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server.ls-rp.com:7777 (

Edit: Just to confirm; we are under attack again. We are looking into it, and will have a talk with the host about possible solutions, and search some logs and send out some abuse mails. I can't give you any date on when this will be over, as it seems that the attacker don't want to give up the attacks yet.

I ask everyone to have patience, as we're not giving up. Please do not contact FoCo support abou ... [Read more]

I see a few questions which is being asked over and over, and decided to make a quick Q&A:

Q: Why is LS:RP down?
A: Our servers are being
DDoS attacked. We have been receiving attacks for over 5gbps, and 2 different hosts have null routed us. This means that we need to find a way to successfully block the attacks, without paying for the $6-10,000 a month plans. Our best hope is that whoever's been attacking us will stop the ... [Read more]
Once again, we are down because of DDoS attacks.

This is the message from the host:
This was null routed due to the following:
Exceeded Bits In: 5 G (Threshold: 1.5 G)
Exceeded Packets In: 457.1 k (Threshold: 150 k)
Due to the size of the null route it will need to remain null routed until the system rechecks this in approximately 1 1/2 hours.

Update: Server is up for now. Can't guarantee that we'll be up for long, but enjoy while you can.

Update 2: There is nothing I can do about the downtime at the moment. ...
[Read more]
We have been receiving DDoS attacks that exceeds 1gbps, so the data center decided to shut down our server. We are looking in to a solution, but can't put any time on when we will be back. We will try to get the game server and forums back ASAP, but I suggest you find something else to do, and come back tomorrow.

Update: Our host offered us a VPS hosted in Washington D.C. We will be working throughout the night on getting LS:RP up on this VPS. Note that this is only temporary, and we will move back to the old server on the old IP address as soon as it is located in a new data c ...
[Read more]

Halloween, the night of ghosts, vampires, warlocks and monsters. Time to get your pumpkins ready because the LS-RP Halloween carnival is back! It’s been a while since the last one but I can assure you this time it’ll be bigger and better. We the staff team highly advise that you attend because it’ll be a night to remember.

Our last carnival was a huge success with almost every member on the server there, who thoroughly enjoyed it. We would also like to thank the L ...
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BlueG has been working diligently for months now and if you've been keeping up with the percentage of completion you would notice that the UCP is near release stage! Firstly we must not forget the current UCP; krisk worked long and hard on it. It is a system that went through many different features, skins, and possibilities. It has brought us much joy and pleasure, and not only will we miss it but we must thank krisk for all the hard work in laying down the standards to how a control panel should be done.

Moving back towards the new UCP- a lot of suggestions, thoughts, and criticism ...
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