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Hey Los Santos RolePlay
With over 100,000 registered users & almost 350 applications every day we are one of the most famous SA-MP servers around!
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Hello! Thank you all for once again reading LS-RP.com for the latest news and information on recent events concerning the server, site, and UCP. For the last few weeks I have been working diligently on the bug tracker and suggestion system.

Over the time the bug tracker has been dropped by a total of four pages and is down to an astounding one page. The last few bugs are just tiny things that will be covered on the next few days but as of lately all the major issues have been addressed and or resolved.

Along with working on the last few bugs I will look into side saving and ...
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It's that time of the year again! LS-RP ages another year, grows a bit bigger, and continues to shine through and through. I hope you all are having a pleasant day today here on LS:RP.

If you aren't then the even we're holding today will sure make you happy. Courtesy of Mow- LS:RP is giving away free games and all you have to do is join the channel!

3x Torchlight
5x Deus Ex Collection
5x Psychonauts
2x L4D2
3x GTA3
3x Beat Hazard

Humble Indie Bundle -

Starting soon join now! #ls-rp ( irc. ...
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Well with the hour system back on the prison we have seen quadruple the activity there. It is quite exciting yes but the current interior just is not cutting it anymore. Not enough legroom or scenery to observe for neither the guards nor the prisoners. Also the current interior was never really that exciting honestly with gates around a building. Was just supposed to be something to hold them for the time being.

Not to mention the outside is a little bland and thrown together as well. Hell the entire interior/exterior needs a makeover and I'm giving you mappers of LS:RP a nice chance ...
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Hello! Thank you all for once again reading LS-RP.com for the latest news and information on recent events concerning the server, site, and UCP. My my my has April been quite a month for LS:RP. In honor of spring a lot has been done all over for a better tomorrow of LS:RP.

krisk has and is diligently improving the script, Mow has ordered a new server to improve the playability of the server, G-Stylezz is of course getting closer to a completion of the new UCP with the help of Greenie, and with the help of many of the staff we've done a lot of spring cleaning around the forum.
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Hello everyone,

As you could have read from the previous newspost; we have gone over to a whole new server setup. The IP has therefore changed. The new server IP is:

We hope you enjoy the new server setup and if there's any problems feel free to use IRC or the ticket system to report it. The forums can be used too ofcourse.

Yours sincerely, the LS-RP team.
What's crackin', Los Santos?

So far, the feature lockdown has resulted in a seemingly complete elimination of the common "lag-spikes" and greatly improved the performance of our game server, thanks to the hard work of our
lead developers. It has also allowed us developers to focus on our current code to make it as efficient as possible and resolve any reported bugs and expoits.

While the Suggestions section of ... [Read more]

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