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Hey Los Santos RolePlay
With over 100,000 registered users & almost 350 applications every day we are one of the most famous SA-MP servers around!
Hey Hey FoCo TDM - server.focotdm.com:7777
Try the official FoCo Team-Deathmatch server! Click the link above.
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Hello everyone. It's been a while since the last news article but there have been quite some changes since then. We've been receiving loads of application from people who want to play on the server and with the growing fame of LS-RP I am sure this interest will grow out to be huge! Also, the max player In Game record has jumped from 404 to 414! That's quite an achievement and we hope to slowly but surely reach 500 players on the server.

Also new is the faction color nametags for people that are in gang or mafia factions. Such as the Akuji-Kai faction now has a dark yellow namet ...
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Hello, thank you for once again dropping by ls-rp.com! I must say the mappers and I have really put a ton of effort into the week. From extravagant interiors, to bug fixing, to features and adjustments. The week was not only fun for me but it was a learning experience for me also.

I've learned throughout the week that even with things slowly falling in order for me with the bug tracker and the suggestions that there is still more work to do around here and a week just wasn't enough to do EVERYTHING I had planned. I still did a lot but yes, not everything.

Thankyou for baring ... [Read more]
Finally we have the four winners from this amazing contest, after seven days of waiting for the right answers, we already have the members!

The winners will be rewarded with a wonderful pre-order pack which contains two unreleased games and full access to the Alpha versions and editors of both games, an amazing combo-pack!
The unreleased games are Overgrowth by Wolfire Games and Natural Selection 2 by Unknown Worlds.

Overgrowth is an unreleased game with no confirmed date, it's for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, the announced date by Wolfire Games was 17th of ...
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If you've been keeping up with LS:RP you'd notice a lot of things have been happening around here. We've recently inducted a few admins into the team from the tester team- Tendollars, Marcel, Oggy, Ryoma,and last but not least Decker. Each and everyone of these guys have put in a lot of hard and earned effort into LS:RP and with that it's going to be sad with them leaving the tester team.

Up next, Lenny recently moved from 3rd party developer to a full blown developer now. It's not a noticeable change on the outside but for the ones involved it is a major step up. His work and effort ...
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After giving away 14 games this Christmas, and 1 more game in the upcoming IRPG, you'd think we have given away enough. But we're not stopping here:-)

We recently contacted the independent game developer company
Wolfire Games, and they have been nice enough to give us 4 copies of their great Indie preorder pack for one of our contests! This pack contains the upcoming games Overgrowth from Wolfire Games themselves, and [Read more]
Round 3 of the FoCo IRPG starts Sunday, January 10, 2010 18:00 GMT+1 (Server time)

The round will last until the first non-admin reaches level 50.

The Idle RPG is just what it sounds like: an RPG in which the players idle. In addition to merely gaining levels, players can find items and battle other players. However, this is all done for you; you just idle. There are no set classes; you can name your character anything you like, and have its class be anything you like, as well.

For more info about this self-playing RPG game, take a look at
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