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With over 100,000 registered users & almost 350 applications every day we are one of the most famous SA-MP servers around!
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Hey everyone. This time I've composed a list of the current richest people on LS:RP. It's mostly admins that are the richest but there are a few exceptions! I hope you enjoy the list and it's just a bit of fun information! Forum names are used instead of IG names.

Aline - 2,560,000,000+
Zharov - 883,000,000+
Insomnia - 229,000,000+
Santino Valenti - 216,000,000
Levine - 185,000,000
Deniz - 143,000,000+
Rayes - 131,000,000
Logan_Clayton - 96,000,000 (Banned)
Kimberly - 83,000,000+
amef - 72,000,000+
Mark_Miller - 69,000,000
Kris ...
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Hello again! Here's another update, with this one you'll be able to input your own ideas and movies! The people who are new to the server can get quite some help from this!

Yes, I'm talking about Youtube!

After quite a discussion with the testers and admins of LS:RP the decision was made that using Youtube for demonstrational and / or humorous videos is quite a good idea so we've made a special account for LS:RP where we will be posting these videos ...
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First off let me wish you ALL a happy new year and a great time in 2010,

We hope you all enjoyed a great new year's eve and that you had a lot of fun. But with entering a new year we've also got quite some ideas on the future of LS:RP. Some of you may have been wondering "How long will LS:RP last?" and questions similar to that. To tell you the truth, we don't know either. What we do know is that LS:RP will last a long time, the community is still growing, more and more people are wanting to help out and we're very, very happy about that. I will inform y ...
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Hello members of the LS:RP community,

This year is almost coming to an end and it has been a good year. We've seen a lot of testers coming and going. It's sad to see many go- whether it be leaving, kicked, or promoted to admin; but it's always nice to see new blood in the team. As a good notion of entering the following year we've decided to open up the tester applications! After all, it's always good to get new, motivated people into the tester team. You may have applied before already but unfortunately you didn't get picked. Well this is your chance to give it another go!

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Dear LS:RP community! I've come bearing exciting news for the members of the server! Recently Steam has undergone a massive sale of games; and if you didn't know I suggest you get into the action before it ends on January 3rd. Literally almost everything is for sale- 80% and below at the moment, it's kind of crazy.

So rather than sitting back and letting such a huge opportunity pass by LS:RP's eyes we've taken grasp of the situation. Money has been put together to buy over fourteen(14) games for us to hand out before the end ... [Read more]
Well December is here, and the holidays are starting and or on their way. In spirit of the holidays the LS:RP team has been hard at work making sure we ended this year with a bang. Sure we may be off by a few weeks but we're still kind of on target for a holiday update.

Mow recently upgraded the server, the 3rd party developers have been hard at work on their projects, G-sTyLeZzZ and the other web scripters are doing one heck of a job on the new control panel, and so much more. December of 09 will literally be known as quite a chaotic month for LS:RP.

Along with all the hard ...
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