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With over 100,000 registered users & almost 350 applications every day we are one of the most famous SA-MP servers around!
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I felt after dropping the bad news of a house wipe ahead that I'd spread a little light on progress and ideas for the upcoming LS:RP 5.1. The testers and I have been hard at work on continuing the property script that krisk has graced us with before his departure into the army. The new house system takes huge advantage of the new virtual world limit in 0.3(2 billion+) and puts us now at a standpoint where we can have as many houses as we want.

We will NO LONGER be using the pickup system in front of houses. Instead there will be a small red checkpoint that rises in front of you when y ...
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It does not bring me any happiness announcing this but there will be a slight change of plans! /movehouse will not be departing the server. Along with that with the new property system comes the sad reality that people will be losing their houses with this new system.

Although it's not completely bad, there will be a section created in the Refund Request for people who want to actually keep their spot can claim it that section. Only post if you are actually planning to keep your house in the exact same spot you're claiming it at. Also make sure it's really worth it.

I say thi ...
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31. August 03:21 / 3:21 AM (GMT+1)
As we were unable to figure out a fix, we reverted to the old version. We'll keep you updated.
31. August 02:32 / 2:32 AM (GMT+1)
Stumbled over some minor errors. Expect some extra downtime.

As we're working on getting LS-RP 100% SA-MP 0.3 compitable, we will have a planned downtime,. We're changing some values in our databases that requires us to shut the server down.

The downtime will be Monday, 31st of August, 2:00 AM Server time, and as long as nothing goes wrong ...
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Yes, ladies and gentlemen LS:RP is fully compatible with the upcoming SA-MP 0.3. A lot of work has gone into both the mod and the gamemode itself. Before leaving, krisk, left behind a nice new property system which will be present for the new update!

How many properties and the features of the new property sadly has not been announced yet. Though over time it will become known along with the many other surprises and plans laid out for LS-RP's future.

Along with this announcement I thought I'd remind you all reading that on September 2nd /movehouse will be removed from the ser ...
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After almost 2,5 years of only using a forum and later on the UCP, we have finally gotten ourself a web page. Some minor adjustments will be done to the css code in the near future, but that might take a while due to me (Mow) being without a computer at the moment. So we decided to release it instead of keeping you waiting:-)

The site is designed by Karl, coded by G-StyleZzZ, and is here to mainly to give new players all the information they need to play. We will also post important announcements and information about mayor patches on LS-RP.

If you need help with anything, or ...
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